Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Viewing History

I just got back from an evening walk with the dogs.  I had on a short sleeve shirt and I was perfectly comfortable, not cold in the slightest, in the middle of a Colorado January!  To top it off, I was listening to Kelly Clarkson’s new song:  My Life Would Suck Without You.  Gorgeous, warm evening, walking dogs, finally a new (good) Clarkson song.  What a way to start the first blog of 2009.  That’s gotta be a good sign. 

I haven’t been very good about blogging lately, obviously.  Life has been to busy, and the time I have had to write, I have spent working on the new novel.  Chad and I brought in the new year in San Francisco.  It was pretty great.  Not my favorite town, Chad liked it a lot more than I did; however, it was some of the best food I have had in my entire life!  It was also really cool to see Castro Street and walk into Harvey Milk’s old shop.  Very humbling. 

I’ve gotten a tad caught up in the whole new president thing, which I find funny since I didn’t even vote for him (nor McCain) and several things about his politics terrify me.  However, I am so tired of everything being a state of emergency, everything being the end of the world, blah, blah.  The world has gotten hotter before, as well as colder, we have had rough financial times nationally before, and we’ve had plenty of politicians that have been the supposed anti-christ.  If everyone would shut the hell up and quit focusing on how horrible everything is going to be and quit scaring people, things would get better.  I hate the Beatles, but they were right, there is a season for everything (at least I think that was the Beatles—although the Bible said it first).

I am choosing to be excited about Obama.  If he starts fucking up, lets crucify him then, not before.  I made my kids watch the inauguration yesterday.  The first one I have ever cared to watch.  I was blown away as my SIED, ADD, ADHD (and every other label that stands for excuses you want to name) boys sat there, eyes glued to the TV for the entire presentation.  We were watching history happen.  No matter which way it goes, it was world changing, and it was awesome.  Some day we will have a woman president.  Someday we will have a gay president (I 100% believe that, although I don’t believe it will be within my lifetime).  I am so thrilled to live in this period of history.  Even the negative things that are going on.  I’ll get to say that I was there, this is how we coped. . . Before this, all I’ve really seen happen is The New Kids on the Block come, leave, and then come back again.   Yay, America!