Monday, November 17, 2008


The protest march on Saturday was much different than I was expecting. There were very few people protesting against us, and from what I could see there weren’t any altercations between the opposing sides.
It is easy to criticize those who actually get out and make things happen. That being said, there was a lack (or an over-abundance) of planning. The actual rally part, where they had speakers and singers, took well over an hour and a half, maybe up to two hours. It was entirely too long. The public began to get restless. Some left, other’s began to chant, “March, March!” And, of course, old prissy queens got in fights with old bitter lesbians. I, being use to angry, fighting immature children, got in the middle and broke them up. It was disgusting seeing my own fight when the whole purpose was to come together against those who want to deny us. Overall, though, it was a whole lot more peaceful than I was worried it would be.
The actual march was fairly amazing. We marched all the way down (and back up) Sixteen Street Mall. We seemed to go on forever. I felt a huge swell of pride for my community as we walked along. No one dressed over the top or stupidly (like during Pride, and no one was overtly rude to the naysayers around us. We were simply normal, everyday people, of all races, who simply wanted the right to be treated as such. Of course there were a few people on the side of street who called out to us, telling us we were going to Hell (wow, never heard that before), yelling, ‘faggots’, and calling us other names. It, for some reason, seemed so much for offensive when such things were coming from African-American men. Weren’t they in a similar place half a century ago? (If you really want an ear-full, check out the comments on the news sites that reported this event—sickening.) However, most either watched us silently or applauded. I swear I saw a few cry. There were even these two beautiful high school girls (obviously straight) who were shopping at the mall. After a second’s hesitation, they joined hands, hopped in with us, and marched for several blocks.
Thank you to all of you who supported us, whether by attending, donation, or through positive thoughts and prayers.

Friday, November 14, 2008

2008's First Snow

I have been dreading the snow all year. I love it until Christmas, but then want it to be over. (FYI, you should see the Christmas presents under the tree this year—gorgeous. I went monochromatic—shiny red paper with matte red polka dots paired with red ribbon, sigh…) Unfortunately, the snowiest part of the year is January through April. However, when I woke up this morning and drove to work in the very wet, very blustery, hard to see through snow, with my chocolate filled Caribou Coffee and The Host (Stephanie Meyer—Awesome!) blaring through my speakers, the world was made cozy and perfect. Even with all the ridiculous drivers who all of the sudden forgot that we drive in this every year. And to top it off, it’s Friday! And I get to write all night and most of the day on Sunday. Perfect weekend. So very happy. Still nervous about the protest march tomorrow, but excited to be able to take some action, no matter how small.
By the way, I am writing on a new book (science fiction), which will hopefully be a series. The other book is finished, but based on the feedback I received from some of the people who read it, I am putting it on pause until a later date. With this book, I am going to write three or four chapters and then submit for publication. And that is all I am going to say on the subject. I am sure the two people who read this blog regularly are sick of reading about my writing, especially after all the time I spent yabbering about a book I am now not seeking publication for. I still love the book and it saddens me to leave it be. Maybe one day.
Last night, at 9 PM (on a school night, rebel, I know), Chad and I went to see Madagascar 2 at the IMAX. It was hilarious. Fat hippo love. OMG! Also, it was hands down the gayest movie I have ever seen. Made me wish we still had our beloved Jerry Falwell with us so he could kill over. Opps. . . that was rude. You have to see this movie, I was even able to get past the “I Like to Move It, Move It” song which ruined the first movie for me. My brother and I saw with two of our little cousins years ago, and after the movie (for days) they sang that damn song. I am convinced that I can survive any thoughts of attempting suicide after existing through such an experience.
So, and this, hopefully, will be the last time I mention it until I actually have news… say a little prayer for me (yes, the music behind those words was in my head) or send good thoughts, whatever, as I trudge on through my new writing endeavor (starting chapter three tonight), say a big prayer for us tomorrow as we attempt to let our voices be heard in a peaceful, respectful way (pray that it stays that way as well), and know that if you are feeling down, it is best to try to do something nice for someone else. By that I mean, feel free to send me double cheeseburgers from Sonic, or nearly any TV on DVD collection available. Or maybe another Corgi puppy (Chad wants a bulldog, so maybe one of both).

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Number Two--Not that kind, sicko

Today, Connecticut became the second state (currently) to legalize same-sex marriage!   I would love to take more joy in this, but I was joyful about California a couple months ago, and we all know how that turned out.  However, I am very hopeful!


In addition, my friend KD sent out a link which I now share with you.  It is of Ken Olberman (?) talking about Prop. 8.  He make some wonderful points, some I had never thought of.  In 1960 something, thirteen states still had laws where whites and black could not marry.  Just sayin’….


Also, she sent me a link to this website:


It is to sign a petition to make divorce illegal since it harms the sanctity of marriage.  While I won’t sign it, yet (two wrongs don’t make a right, and I think it would do more harm than good), it makes a very good point.   Just thought I’d share.   

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Every time I drive by a group of protestors, whether I am by myself or with someone else, I always scoff.  What good do they think they are doing?  Why don’t they go do something useful with their time?  Do they really think making people honk their horns is really going to bring about world peace?  If anything, their ranting, raving, ridiculous signs only make me want to go the opposite of whatever they are trying to shove down my throat.  Go War!!!.  Oh, wait. . .

This Saturday, I will be one of the ridiculous time-wasters.  Probably with a picket sign.  Not sure how this works.  I got home from working out, and started the prep for my made-up recipe for coconut baked chicken (cross your fingers, I hope it’s good) and got an email from my friend GG.  It told of a protest going on this Saturday at 11:30 (at the Capitol, I think) in response to the passing of Proposition 8 in California.  I believe it is happening nationwide, but that might just be my imagination. 

The minute I read the email, I thought, “Oh Shit!  I’m gonna be in a protest.  I hate myself.”  For the first time, I understand why other people do it.  Do I really think someone is going to see me and suddenly change their stance on gay rights, on gay marriage, on gays being human?  No.  I don’t.  Hopefully, but no. . . However, I have to do something.  I don’t have $100,000 to donate to the cause, I don’t have any power, there are only two people that read this blog, but this I can do.  I can stand, powerless and stupid, and do all I have in my power to show how angry I am for being denied the rights of every other American, and hope that someone will see a spark of humanity in this thirty year old faggot that will make them think twice. 

I have thought that I was totally out of the closet to everyone, never a second of doubt or hesitation.  Even now, however, I can’t help but think, “What if I get on the news?  What if a riot breaks out, what if some extremist tries to take us out with a gun or bomb, what if only two of us show up?”  My answer.  Well, fuck it!  I’ve been ranting for years that no one in the gay community truly seems to take any real action.  Maybe holding a stupid glitter sign and chanting some fairy rhyme will be the first step. 

Would love to have you join us. 

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Land of the Free, Home of the Bigot

After such an insane election, I couldn’t help but feel a thrill when it was announced that Obama won. (I didn’t vote for Obama, nor did I vote for McCain. I voted Libertarian, simply due to the fact that I couldn’t morally vote for Obama or McCain, for reasons I have already specified.) Honestly, I think I would have felt the same thrill had McCain won. Either way was historic, either an African-American President or a Female Vice-President. No matter how you feel about the individuals, it’s pretty cool. You could feel the history being made in front of our eyes. Even though things about Obama terrify me (as they did with McCain), I went to bed last night on a high, even woke up this morning that way. Something I wasn’t expecting at all. However, as soon as I got on the computer to check how Proposition 8 came out in California, all good feelings vanished. From all reports I could find, although most seemed confusing to me or like they hadn’t really finished counting, the ban on Gay Marriage passed.
Glad I’m so vile, that I desecrate the spotless institute of marriage. Glad I’m so twisted that I should be banned. Glad that certain murderers can get married and have conjugal visits while they’re in jail. Glad Ellen and Portia woke up this morning and found themselves, once again, both single and monstrous in the eyes of their state and country. I still love my country. I also hate my country. I am sure it is petty and childish to hate simply because I am hated, but too bad. I can’t help being thoroughly disgusted with the human race. Sadly, I can’t help being disgusted knowing that certain family and friends, had they lived in California, would have voted the same. Wake up and take a fucking look at the people you are deeming evil and subhuman.