Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Charmed Life

It’s been months since I’ve really blogged, and honestly, it will
probably be months before I do it again.  So much of this blog was to
help with figuring things out, trying to deal with life, both the good
and the bad.  Whether I’ve figured out to deal without the daily
vomiting on a web page or of I’ve found other coping skills or if I’m
simply not dealing, who knows?  I think it’s the second one, but maybe
not.  Possibly, the blog will return as a coping skill at one point,
for now, I’ll let it be.
That said, I feel the need to rejoice for a moment.  Has everything
fallen in place and there is no more pain?  Nope.  If anything, I’ve
learned that pain is a constant thing, which I always have know, but
I’ve gotten better at finding the joy in the midst of whatever pain it
is—for the most part.  I know there are days coming when that won’t be
as true, but that is life as well.
See, even when I’m blogging about rejoicing I get all sour.  Sheesh!
Somebody slap me.
Part of the reason I quit blogging is the lack of time, and it’s the
same reason I have to rejoice.  The Shattered Door came out in August.
 Real, Published, Amazing.  It’s doing okay, not horrible, not great.
About what I expected—it’s a strange book that has a very limited
audience.  I’m just so thrilled that it’s published and it exists, and
has been read all over the world.  It’s gotten reviews from Asia,
Australia, Germany, etc.  Man, that is cool!  Love it!
I spent every spare moment since that time pounding out Rising Frenzy,
the sequel to Submerging Inferno.  I finished it the last week of
November. (This month is re-editing Submerging and editing Rising.)  I
just found out that I can submit both of them in January, and the
editing process will begin.  All three covers should be finished in
the next few months—even before the third is finished being written!
By doing so, I’m committing to finishing Clashing Tempest, the final
book of this trilogy (not the final installment of Men of Myth, but of
this particular story line) by June.  It will be the first time I’ve
had an actual deadline looming as I write, and I’m a little nervous
what that will be like.  The thought of writing a book in six months
while working fulltime, doing massage, and still maintaining family
and boyfriend is daunting.  And ABSOLUTELY FREAKING WONDERFUL!
Book one will come out around September 2013, book two December 2013,
and book three March 2014!  In a year I will have four books in
published circulation (or nearly).  Talk about dreams coming true!  We
will see what’s next.  After that fourth book is published, I have no
others under contract.  Obviously.   That said, I have three stand
alone novels I’m dying to write, plus more installments of Men of
Myth.  Maybe one day, I’ll be able to say I only have one job.
Writing novels.  I’ll pour all my child-loving ways into my nephew.  I
will only GET massages.  Lovely.  Even if not, I am living exactly
what I hoped for.  Getting to write novels that are published and
teach and live by my nephew (another uncle/nephew date tonight!!!!),
and be in love with my man.
Charmed much?

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