Saturday, February 25, 2012

in the inbetween

In my favorite spot in the coffee shop. Might actually get a little writing or planning done today. Maybe.
I’m waiting for that wonderful feeling that I often get here, especially when I start writing. That moment that I seem to disappear into the cushions of the bench, no one can see me, I am no longer here, just words, just the universe on the screen, even as I flow onto the pages. That sounds delicious today, to lose myself for a few hours.
I’m not sure where things are. I cried so much last night that I feel a bit empty today, but we all know that’s not really true. There’s always more emotion to be expelled. Of all kinds.
Smokey got off his overnight and went to meet the hot water man at his house, and then dropped by mine to crawl in bed with me for five minutes before he had to leave for his all day choir practice. I wasn’t expecting that, but what a wonderful surprise. I think we will see each other tonight, but not really sure. I am so very scared and trying so hard to keep faith.

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