Saturday, November 07, 2009

a big fruit

When MS stayed with me a couple weekends ago, she bought some apples to take home with her. When she left, her apples were forgotten and remained behind in the fridge. I hate apples—not as much as bananas, but still. I really don’t like any kind of fruit raw, except for berries, and sometimes peaches. I hated seeing those three apples sitting in my fridge, just waiting to rot and be thrown away. I also hate seeing food that’s not eaten. So, late one dark and lonely night, I went to and got a recipe for baked apples from Sonny Anderson. I went through tons of recipes, but I wasn’t willing to go to store, so I kept looking until I found one that needed only the scant few items I had in my pantry. It turned out pretty good actually. So good that for the next three nights, I had bakes apples. I didn’t feel too bad about them, it was just oats, cinnamon, cloves, brown sugar and butter. And there wasn’t too much sugar or butter. I thought I had found a fairly healthy way to eat an apple. Then, I made it for a friend that came over, and he suggested ice cream with the baked apples. This week, I had three more apples in my fridge and I have chowed down on a huge bowl of ice cream covered in baked apples, which now includes molasses in the mixture. It’s pretty amazing, you don’t even know the apples are there. Of course, I’ve literally put on five pounds this week, but that’s what you get from having to eat fruit.

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