Wednesday, January 25, 2012

skinning the pig

Granted, I have never been a football fan. This year has made that fact a thousand times more true. Reason? One word: Tebow. You would think a handsome man like Tebow would at the very least make my mind wander to images of him in the locker room.
Not so much.
A little of my distain is for Tebow, but in actuality, the vast majority of it is directed at all his disciples. Today, on the car in front of me, was a bumper sticker of the purplish blue Rocky Mountains in front of an orange sky. In big white letters splashed over the mountain-scape: HOLY TEBOW.
I respect that Tebow has the right to his religion and his beliefs. Of course, I’m talking about his views on homosexuality and his reported support of Focus on the Family. However, to make it such a public proclamation, and be made into a near Messiah-like figure disgusts me.
Even at the rodeo (maybe especially at the rodeo) we went to last week (that will be another blog…), there were these huge posters of him with John 3:16 painted like war-paint under his eyes. It’s not the Bible verse that irritates me, it’s that once again, the ‘hero’ of the Christian world is someone that actively works to deny my rights and equality, and sees me as damned.
It also disgusts me that once again a sports figure it turned into a hero. No, he’s not. He plays a damn game and gets a shit-load of money for it. Not the definition of a hero. (However, I’ll admit, I’d be saying something different if he were a gay man willing to stand in the face of the world while at the top of his football career and speak his truth—so I can see my own bigotry).
Maybe my strong reaction is also brought on by my family who has never given a moment’s thought to football or any sport. We were never that family. Ever. What did I see in my folk’s house last week? Tebow’s book. Really? Really… They are even talking about how excited they are to have such a role model Christian be in the spotlight and being such an example. They shouldn’t even really know who Tebow is. They’ve always been oblivious to sports before. My brother’s reaction to this made me laugh though. After all the talk, he simply said, ‘Yeah, till they find out he’s molesting children.’ Now, I know he isn’t (well, I don’t know, but I’d bet more money than I have that he isn’t), however, the point being, those skeletons always come out of the Christian heroes (not that they don’t of very human).
Poor Tebow, I’m sure he is a very nice man, very kind and blah, blah, blah. I wish him health and love with his family. However, as long as he keeps supporting those who hate my gay and lesbian family, I won’t be able to help smiling every time I hear of a football fumble.
(Nice to rant about something besides my own insanity)

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