Sunday, January 08, 2012


Good lord, where to start, where to start!?!
Two wonderful updates…

January 5, 2012, I signed a contract with Dreamspinner Press to publish Submerging Inferno, AND the following two installments! I never dreamed someone would buy all three, especially with two yet unwritten! None of them will be published until all three are written, so it is still a couple years away, but still! They are now looking at The Shattered Door. Since it is a stand alone, if they like it, it could be published ASAP. I have my hopes up, but we will see. I am thrilled, THRILLED, with the contract with them I have. I have lots, lots, lots to do. However, what a different experience it will be to sit down and write when not only has someone said they will publish what I’ve already written, but what I’m writing now! Wow! Totally thrilling! Such a long, long road, so many years. I can’t believe how amazing it really is now that it’s here!

The other news is that Smokey and I doing great, this past week really made a difference. Those three weeks were really rough, really scary, really hard. We both know there will be plenty more of those, but it’s amazing to be by his side and walk this journey together. The wonderfully fun parts, and hard, painful parts. So in love with him.

My folk’s response to my publishing deal wasn’t the best—tears and pain, nothing bad said, just they feel I’m not using my talent in a good way writing these kinds of books. Even when you know it’s coming, it’s hard to hear. Smokey, however, made the great situation even better. He’s nearly as excited as I am, and beyond proud and supportive. I’ve been dreaming of coming home and telling him, ‘Guess what?....’ Well, it was even better than I dreamed.

I’m doing my best to simply be happy. I scares me to feel like I have it all right now, finally what I’ve always dreamed about—the two things that mean more to me than anything. The man I love more than my own life, and a publishing deal! Really? Talk about amazing.

Father, thank you so much. The love you are lavishing is overwhelming. After so many years in darkness of soul and spirit, after so much hurt and doubt, to now be enveloped in love of the man I hope and plan to spend my life with, and in validation of my writing, well, it feels miraculous. Thank you. Please give me the strength to trust in it, to be able to rest in it, to have faith that you won’t rip the rug out from underneath. To trust that, like my favorite scenes from Job, you are blessing what was once withered and dark. I’ve given you so much anger and wrath in those years, along with the trust I could muster, I now give you thanks and praise and all glory for what you have given! I rest and trust in you, help me make that ever more true.

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Avenjer said...

I hadn't checked in for a while and saw this---WOW WOW WOW WOW!!! That's amazing news! So happy for you. This is going to be a great adventure for you. :)