Friday, April 02, 2010

day of sanctuary

It’s days like this that let me know that somewhere inside, I am getting better. Actually better. I am so excited to go grocery shopping for dinner with PCSVLDRL’s tonight and for the food for Easter lunch with my family (I’m hosting). I love grocery shopping for particular dinners, while listening to my vampire romances on my iPod, followed by hours of cooking while still listening to vampire romances. There is something so soothing about cooking. The rest of the world gets blocked out. All the problems. All my desires. All my hurts. Just a total focus on the art of crafting beautiful and delicious creations. It always used to be that way, and hasn’t been that way for a quite a long time. It is nice to have that part of myself nearly back to normal. Something that bodes well.

You know, I think I will just stop there. Let’s have a completely positive blog for once. A fun day of grocery shopping, cooking, walking the dogs, Project Runway, dinner, and intelligent/heartfelt conversations with my oldest friends in Colorado and their daughters. One of those days to cling to in a storm—I’m grateful for it!

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