Wednesday, April 14, 2010

obviously, strip clubs need a child care center in the back room (well, maybe not the back room...)

Accidentally, after Glee last night, I watched a couple minutes of the news. From the very first words, about pedophile teachers, I was reminded of why I don’t watch the news. However, one story caught my attention. A man, from somewhere, left a toddler and a baby in the car—doors locked, windows up—for around an hour as he went into a strip club (straight). As with many of the horrific stories on the news, I ended up laughing. Yes, they are terrible, but I mean, come on! You gotta love shit like that. Only thing is, if I wrote half the stuff that is reported in a novel, everyone would say it was too dramatic and not plausible.
Here’s the kicker to me. I wanted to give the exact ages of the kids and such before I made fun of their douche of a father/male care giver. When I got online to retrieve the details, I found multiple stories of different men (on different continents) doing the EXACT same thing! Apparently, swaying breasts flopping around a pole is much more enticing than either fatherhood or keeping the younger generation from neglect or suffocation! (BTW, I did this to my dogs in the car for TEN minutes [if that] as I got a plant from a nursery [on not a hot day]—you should have seen the note left on my car.)
And here’s what I love the most—on a week with Huckabee and other politicians comparing gay parents to drug users, polygamist, incestuous relationships, and alluding to gays seeing babies as puppies, we have such wonderful stories of breeders’ ability to parent. Of course, I know these are the dredge of humanity, and say nothing about true parents. However, I do feel that the vast majority of gay parents are superior to the majority of straight parents (not because they are gay). The best straight parents are those who put their children first, and are willing to sacrifice themselves for their children. They WANT their children more than anything. For a gay person to have a child, for the most part, they have to WANT a baby more than anything—it takes a lot of work, a lot of money, a lot of time, and a lot of fighting to achieve being a parent (even more so for gay men than lesbians—for obvious reasons). One of the things that is rough for straight people is the consequences of sex. For a gay person, the most that can happen is a horrible STD that kills you. Sure it hurts those you love, but ultimately, it affects you. For a straight person that ‘std’ is a baby. That affects the baby more than the person procreating. Any smuck who can’t figure out how to roll a condom on all the way can be a parent, and that baby’s welfare and stability is dependent on how its parents rise to the occasion. Some of these men and women become great, amazing parents—the vast majority (keep in mind my field and resulting disillusionment) do not.
How’s that for over-simplifying and stereotyping?

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