Thursday, April 08, 2010

Opening Windows

The interview went well, and the rough draft of the article turned out pretty good. I’m rather proud of it. It’s fairly simple and clean, but I think captures the heart of both the interviewee and myself. I think. Of course, he gets to read it today, so we will see if he feels that I depicted his story accurately or not, and then the editor gets it tomorrow, so you never know.
It was an interesting experience. A strange combination between writing a story of my own and a research paper. In one way, it was easier than the writing I normally do. There wasn’t any pressure on my brain to come up with a cohesive story line or characters that are dynamic and engaging—all that was provided in reality. However, it was a challenge to take someone else’s story and figure out how to present it in a way that was still creative, touching, and made sense. It was fun. I hope I get to do it hundreds of more times.
While we’re on the subject of men I’d like to ‘interview’. . . I have an announcement. Since the man I want to marry has found everything else in life much more appealing than me, I have decided to turn my intentions to another that would never give me a second look. While only confirming what everyone already knew, Ricky Martin announced last week that he is a big nelly along with the rest of us. Duh. Most of the time, I don’t have much respect for the celebrities’ reasons for coming out; it often feels like an act of publicity. And, for Ricky, it might be. However, his statements over the timing of his outing were pretty deep and genuine. However, since he is the man destined to be the father of my children, I may be a little biased. Anyway, we are registered at Casa Bonita, Walgreens, and Archivers. Please put your address on all gifts. Ricky and my agent will need it when she sends out thank you cards. Gracias.

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