Thursday, April 08, 2010

the stress of hate

I have just seen the most bizarre thing ever. Ever. I saw a link on Connexion (my gay website for all you breeders) that had to do with the KKK. I followed it to a new release that reads as follows:


Note: The Ku Klux Klan, LLC. Has not or EVER will have ANY connection with The ‘Westboro Baptist Church’. [Love how they don’t know how to use punctuation or capitalization!] We absolutely repudiate their activities.

The Ku Klux Klan, LLC.

[link to their website and their phone number, which I won’t put on my blog—followed by links to their STORE and a place to make donations!]”

First off, I so wanna see the store! They have a store!?!?!?! Maybe there’s a theme park that I’m not aware of. It took everything in me to not hit the link to check out their online shop. However, the thought of that in my browsers history is just too much—that and gay porn.

Second of all, they are afraid of their reputation being damage by a supposed link to Westboro! Love it! What does that say about Westboro. It’s like Satan cringing when you fuck up and saying, “Dude, that ain’t cool.” The only thing I can respect more about Westboro than the KKK is that at least they don’t hide their damned faces behind white dunce hats.

Sigh, the things it takes to make me happy. Scary!

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