Thursday, September 09, 2010


It seems I have not been very good as seeing the hand of God in my life in the past year or so. I know that doesn’t mean that it’s not there, just that I don’t see it. (However, I’d like to actually see it more—just saying.) Yesterday, I did see. As we all know, money has been an issue for quite awhile—but so has my ability to stay on top of things and I’ve developed quite the habit of not opening bills and such. Why see things if I can’t change them? Well, I found out.
I’d seen a couple letters from my insurance company, but I didn’t even worry about those, if figured they were just those stupid mass flyers. The bill is paid automatically at the first of the month, so nothing to worry about. Only, I’d forgotten that I hadn’t changed it when I switched banks. Come to find out, I’ve been driving without insurance for over a month. That has quickly been rectified. The payments are now automatic once again. It was rather like getting out of a murky pool and finding out you were swimming with piranhas at the bottom. They either didn’t notice you or just didn’t find you appealing. It could have been horrible. And, I could have lost everything. Everything.
I have to give all credit to God. In a world where it seems like things are waiting for the worst possible minute to go wrong, where it seems like thing after thing is designed to see how much stress or pain or grief can be educed, I was surrounded in a shield of protection. One that sheltered me from my own naivety, ignorance, and incompetence. I am thoroughly grateful.

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