Friday, September 03, 2010

on with the show

I feel like I have moved into my classroom this week. I have repainted, repapered, re-everything. It is gorgeous, just how I wanted it. And I ended up doing one small chocolate wall. I’m exhausted (between endless hours here and then doing massage), but it was so worth it!
Maybe it’s because I’ve been too busy to even breathe, but my mind has been able to be pretty blank this week. Which is relief. The past few had been non-stop. I needed a break (more than a break). I hope it lasts, at least a lot longer this time. I’m hoping to have some time to spend on editing the first book this weekend and posting some of it, but who knows. I have a full weekend lined up with a few of my most favorite people. Followed by Monday off work at the zoo with my nephew (his first time). Perfection.

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