Saturday, September 04, 2010

isn't that special?

I was talking to my mom on the phone as I drove home from the gym yesterday. She asked if I wanted to come to dinner. I said I couldn’t; I was going out to dinner with a friend.
After a few moments of silence, in a sorta forced friendly voice, she asked, “Do you have a special friend?”
My brain did one of those misfiring things. “What did you say?”
“I asked if you have a new special friend.”
“That’s what I thought you said!” I burst out laughing.
In a nearly hurt voice, “What? I thought that was what I was supposed to say. I thought I was doing good. I’m kinda old-fashioned you know. What do you want me to call it?”
At this, I completely lost it. It was probably a miracle I didn’t plow into the median.
After a few minutes, when I still couldn’t get myself under control, she simply changed tactics. “I think you do.”
“I don’t mom, really.”
Laughing herself now, “I think you’re lying. You do.”
“Trust me, I really don’t.”
“Yes, you do.”
“No, mom, my feelings for [hwmnbn] haven’t changed at all.”
“Oh. Have you seen him lately?”
“No.” Laughter quickly gave way to tears. “Not since he started dating someone else.” I guess I should have said ‘not since he acquired a new special friend.’

I honestly haven’t been able to stop smiling about this conversation, at least the first part. It was so strange to hear those words from my mother. Strange to think that my relationship with [hwmnbn] could possibly be summed up as a special friend.

I truly love my mother. She is the most wonderful and strongest woman in the world. While awkward and hilarious, her question took so much of both (love and strength) from her.

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