Saturday, September 11, 2010


Editing two books at the same time (while trying to work, work out, do massage, and keep in some contact with family and friends) is proving challenging. I’m excited to have a couple hours to devote to it at the moment.
I’ve been a little emotional today. Lonely—specifically lonely, which is so much harder than just an overall loneliness. I just got a little teary as I was watering down what was left of my green iced tea. I looked out on the patio at the coffee shop, and saw two you guys (remember my age—young is becoming relative) with two small boys, one probably three, the other pushing two or so. I don’t know that they are a gay little family, but chances are good, since they’re here. Given that I barely have time to devote to my craft (pompous, no?), the last thing I should want is marriage and kids. Of course, we all know I want that even more than my craft (maybe it sounds more witchish than pompous…).
Seeing how I’m bitching about time, I suppose I should cease on the planned blog. You’ve heard it all before, and my whining doesn’t change anything. Onto the books…

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Geoffwah said...

Isn't it interesting...sometimes seeing a couple and their children all happy can be uplifting and even joyful, sparking that feeling inside that things are possible and that good things happen in life.

Then sometimes you just look at what you don't have and it leaves a sad taste in your mouth. Same thing with seeing happy couples (gay or straight).

-sigh- Work can be a real slog but sometimes it's such a blessing. Saves me from tap dancing in the mire of my own problems and making an even bigger mess than before.