Thursday, November 04, 2010

2+7x16=feliz navidad

While I don’t believe gayness is contagious—although I wish it were, I’d hunt down Eric Dane and stand close to him until he caught it, and then we’d call Ricky Martin and Jonathon Groff—it seems my other ‘affliction’ is.
A parent came to me this morning talking about some new med changes going on with her son. As a side comment, she then started complaining about son singing Christmas carols while doing my math homework last night. (She’s a great, great mom—one of my few—so she wasn’t really complaining, but she hates Christmas.)
Sheepishly, I had to take responsibility. She about fell over when I told her about putting my tree up and wrapping presents. I told her that the kids had seen the picture of the Christmas tree. To top it off, one of the Aids that I love so, so, so much (who helps me with math) came in singing Christmas songs to the kids—which is what brought up the Christmas tree conversation, I had no idea she liked Christmas as much as me. I should have, as her parents gave her two Christmas words as her first and middle name.
I may not be able to teach math any better than a retarded chipmunk high on fermented acorns, but I can sure damn well pass on some Christmas ‘cheer.’
I now need to go off and dream about my gayness being contagious. Gonna be a good day!

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