Monday, November 01, 2010

choose to celebrate

In a rare event, I am offering proof. I don’t like having pictures on the blog (which is strange since I’m a photo addict), but I thought this event called for it. The tree is up. I had to force myself to go through with it. Even with my folks helping, I almost changed my mind halfway through. It was actually harder than I was anticipating. Sure enough, I got teary a few times and had to talk myself into being sensible.
That being said, I am excited to start wrapping Christmas presents tomorrow! Yay! At first I was going with an all chocolate brown wrapping paper scheme, very classy, very luxurious, but then I changed. I decided I should have bright and ridiculous colors. Colors that shouldn’t go together, but somehow do—keep it as cheerful as possible.
I’m glad to be home, but I am so very glad I went to Seattle. Actually, I probably could have used one more day, but would have probably worn myself out if I had—not to mention exploded from all the food. I’m going to be paying for this trip for quite awhile—both in terms of even less cash flow than normal and in trying to fit into pants.
All in all, Merry Christmas!

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Avenjer said...

I like the tree, and your home looks warm and rustic.