Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Political Christmas Books for Children

Happy news? Starbucks has their holiday cups out!
Book recommendations? 1. The Hunger Games trilogy—young adult, yes, but barely. It’s so freaking good that I’m jealous I didn’t write it. As it read to my class yesterday, we were all on the edge of our seats (literally), every person holding their breath, and tears rolling down my face as I read. I did have to quit reading it to my fourth and fifth graders, too violent and too intense (it’s amazing how reading a book out loud makes it so much more powerful and personal). 2. The Good House—African-American (mostly) centered Haunted House story. Not finished with it yet, but it’s got me riveted. It’s huge, and I’m not even a third of the way done, can’t wait to see where it goes!
Best ingredient in bread pudding? American Honey Whiskey. Thank you, SMoon.

The elections are over, and as per normal, the people I actually voted on didn’t win. Not that I loved any of them anyway. I’m rather discouraged about our governor’s race. Hickenlooper won for another term. I can’t stand that man. He has done more to kill Denver’s economy than just about anyone, and his preferential treatment of people here illegally over his own citizens is deplorable. However, the three propositions that threatened my job were voted down by a huge landslide, so I am very thankful. I haven’t be able to figure out which way the whole extraterrestrial law turned out—it was so confusing I wasn’t really sure which way to vote on that one anyway. The cool (and possibly disturbing) thing was how my sixth grade math class got off the subject of math (you know how much I hate that) and started talking about voting. They had given a lot of thought to the entire process. Several had decided that they will not vote when they are able to. It was easy to see which comments came from their parents and which came from inside themselves. They really feel that all the people who run for office are bad and lie and can’t be trusted, so why vote. They went on and on with this truly thought-out and formed positions, with clear and grounded logic. I’ve never had a political talk with them, especially where I talk about what I feel politically, so I know these thoughts didn’t come from me. However, it turns out, I must have the political brain of a sixth grader. While I was rather shocked at the jadedness of their outlook on our government and leaders, I agreed with them wholeheartedly on nearly everything they said. It was also surprising, since I have struggled to make myself vote in the last two elections, feeling screwed no matter what I do, that I so vehemently pushed the agenda of how important it is for them to vote, for them to make their voices heard as much as they can, for them to be an equal part of our society. Despite my own jadedness, it seems I actually still believe in the process, broken as it is. Maybe best of all, no more offensive calls from politicians, just my ongoing relationship with bill collectors. Yay!

I have had mixed results from the Christmas tree being up. Last night was a rather negative experience. The thoughts and memories that I don’t need to name assailed me with a near physical force, keeping me awake well into the night. Taunts of what I believed and trusted. However, I’m glad it’s up, glad I chose to face it, to move on with life, and try to regain more of who I used to be. It really does make the room gorgeous. Cramped, but gorgeous. And Christmas present wrapping was perfection. Yay for a strange color pallet that is meshing better than I ever dreamed. I got these little animal finger puppets for Gavin, they are so cute. On each of his presents, there is a little animal securely nestled within the bow on top. It may quite possibly be the most adorable thing I have ever seen.

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