Monday, November 22, 2010

I Love Beaver

It was a fairly wonderful weekend. Stupidly, there were several challenges in a situation that should have been pretty simple, but overall, such a great experience. Six of us (four of my best friends, and one who is a much better friend now [we hadn’t spent much time together previously]) rented a condo in Beaver Creek at the Five Star Ritz-Carlton. Now, most of the time, I wouldn’t brag about something being Five Star, nor would I usually give a shit. However, I’d never been anywhere Five Star before (splitting the off-season cost six ways make it $50 a night, can’t even get a Motel Six for that, and I know), and it was mind blowing. I’ve stayed nice places before, but never one that felt like a real, honest to goodness home—even those townhouses and stuff you can rent. This was gorgeous and I would have moved in and not changed a thing (except for wall color, of course). The highlight of luxury for me was the spa, which I didn’t book any services, but got to enjoy their hot tub and the men’s locker room hot tub. They looked like grottos from the Little Mermaid, except sexy. The main one even had a jutting waterfall. All surrounded by rock and dimply lit candles (you know my feelings on candles). Wow. As far as vacation, the only reason we left the resort was to see the new Harry Potter (which was transcendent, of course). The rest of the time we simply hung out together and cooked and cooked and cooked. Glorious.
I struggled quite a bit with HWMNBN stuff this weekend, it was triggered a lot. (My new song mantra for him? “I see you driving ‘round town with the guy I love and I’m like, Fuck You and Fuck Him too! Although there’s pain in my chest I sill wish you the best with a Fuck You!”—Cee-Lo Green—Perfection. Although, the first time I heard it was last week. Sara Bareilles sang it at her concert.) As well as my body issues. These particular friends are all gorgeous. And not by my biased eyes, but by any magazine you care to open. There were many times I had to do quite a bit of self talk—both to keep from crying and to force myself to be with my friends. It was a battle that was well worth the effort. A reminder that there still is life, and while it is still hard and painful, it is also beautiful and luxurious. That I am surrounded by people who still chose to love me in spite of it all.
Thanks, boys!

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Geoffwah said...

Holy crap...I want to go to there! Actually, I've been to the Beav, but as a boy scout and CERTAINLY not to some fancy Ritz-Carlton madness. You lucky dog. ;)

We get Potter next month ("Heri Potaugh" here) and it. is. killing me.

Sounds like you have an amazing support system out there. It's good to know. Glad you had some fun!