Friday, November 05, 2010

oh, there I am.

My phone informed me of an interesting fact. Due to the next map assistance app I installed a few weeks ago to aid in my constant state of lostness, it turns out that, if they so chose, anyone can know my whereabouts at any particular time. In fact, it reported that I was already on several people’s lists that they follow to know my location.
Uhmmm. . . Creepy much?
Luckily, it also gave instructions on how to disable this function. Even with those, I was confused. If I did it correctly, now only 911 people can use my phone to find me. It must have worked because my map program can not long tell me where I am any longer. Now, for most people, that’s probably not an issue, but there are many times where I’m not sure where I am. It was very handy in Seattle when I was walking around, lost, trying to figure out where I was and where I was trying to get to. It was even handy on Wednesday when I went to dinner with one of my best friends and got hopelessly lost. (How long have I lived in Denver, and how many times have I eaten at that particular restaurant?) Already, I couldn’t find my way to school—okay, not really. Still, I was really happy with that function, I’m sad to see it go. However, for a Show-Me state boy, full of conspiracy theories and big government control issues, I’d rather not have my location be tracked. I’m sure it is (or can be) anyway, but I don’t want to make it any easier. (It seems I think I have some governmental importance that nosily evil politicians need to keep tabs on—yeah, that’s how powerful this blog is.)
Since I share every last bowel movement on here, it probably seems that I don’t really have any privacy issues. In some ways that’s true. And, I don’t even have one secret that at least one person (if not many) know. Still, in my own codependent, enmeshed way, I am a very independent person. (Did I not tell you the name of the new book I’m working on is The Lies We Tell Ourselves?)
If nothing else, that feature makes my puppies vulnerable. They are just as important to national security as their daddy. It’s not good for others to know when they are at home, alone, unguarded. Not defenseless, mind you, lest you get the wrong idea. Those are two Corgis that you don’t wanna tangle with. One will lick you to death and the other will shit on you in terror. Not fun. (Wish I were kidding.)
For those of you who had me on your follow from afar (or from inside the house) list, I’m sorry, you may no longer enjoy your hidden voyeuristic tendencies. Besides, if you really wanna watch, all you have to do is ask.

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