Monday, October 26, 2009

because talking about someone else is easier than talking about me again

What seems like mere days ago, Obama was giving his presentation to the HRC (Human Rights Campaign [equal right for all humans, gay and straight—including marriage, etc {you know, the yellow equal sticker on the blue background…}]). I watched portions of it on It was very good, as to be expected. He really is a very good speaker (although, I don’t think he is as wonderful as everyone raves—compared to Bush’s public speaking, for sure, but that’s not saying much). Obama was funny, sarcastic and seems to be talking to a room full of friends. He even made pretty good gay jokes (like he knew he had finally made it now that he was opening for Lady Gaga—whether he wrote that, or someone else, who cares—still made me guffaw). He spoke extensively about how he was going to fight to end DADT (Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell [the ‘protection’ for gays in the military put in place by Clinton {paint your face white, maybe no one will notice}]). I only watched a third of it, because I was running late to something or other and then never returned. However, what I did see, I liked. Even as I listened, my cynical side took over and kept going, ‘whatever, words are cheep—like when you said when you were running that you didn’t support gay marriage.’ I was guilty of the same thing that annoyed me so much right after Obama was elected. I didn’t vote for the man, but I wished he could have had a couple weeks of hope and seeing what he would do before we crucified him. However, it soon became apparent that he was like every other president before him, saying whatever he could to get into office and then do exactly what he damned well pleased—no matter what is really best for our country. Same show, different actor. Despite my cynical viewing of his speech, I had to admit, and admit still, that it was very cool to see a president speak at gay event. (Maybe another president has, I don’t know, but I doubt it.) However, even a fox would be willing to give flowery words and cozy up to a coop of hens if he thought he could schmooze them into handing over the newly hatched chicks.
Sure enough, days later, Obama has promised to veto, scratch, whatever correct political word means to get rid of, the bill, proposition, whatever word means to make law or something, the [thing] that is coming up to end DADO. (Best of luck deciphering meaning from that sentence.) Just as his funding of more and more troops is completely the direct opposite of what he said he would do, what he promised he would do (not that I agreed with his military plan in the first place, you don’t just automatically withdraw tons of troops). Just as he swore he would run an open and non-secretive presidency (right…..). He made seemingly genuine and sincere promises and statements to a world of gays and lesbians (and all the other initials they now tack on the GLBT [so stupid] {actually, I think the lesbians made us change it to LGBT—they always steal our toys from the sandbox} and reneged hours later.
None of this shocks or even makes me that nauseous. It’s what they do, and why I am cynical and don’t really believe much real or honest (good) change can happen from a president. Wow, Obama is a liar and a deceiver. Big news! However, what has blown me away (and sadly still does surprise me) are so many people’s reactions. The gays’ responses I read were vastly of the opinion that Obama is doing this so that he can take credit it for it later when he single-handedly removes DODT himself later (among other Christ-like actions)—because that kind of selfish arrogance is exactly what we need in a leader. Maybe that is what he will do, but I have the tiniest inkling of doubt. You know, just a morsel. Thankfully, there were a few gays asking why so many of our brothers and sisters are still drinking the Kool-Aid. They were promptly pounced on and devoured, but still. Likewise, when he won the Peace Prize (seriously?) there were teachers here (and many others that I saw elsewhere) that were in tears by how wonderful and historic it all was. How it said such beautiful and great things about our country and our time. I agree, I still love our country and I wouldn’t live in any other time (Unless I could go back a year or so and hit pause permanently), but the devotion and ridiculous blindness to which people follow this man is terrifying and truly makes me loose respect for so many when they act like sightless, brainwashed sheep. I don’t think you have to hate the man (I don’t), and you don’t even have to see him for the self-serving liar he is. However, have the brains to not see him as a fucking deity for Pete’s sake. Don’t throw yourself into the fire because he says you’d be a pretty sacrifice.

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