Friday, October 30, 2009

Ghost of Halloween Past

In an act of pure ridiculousness, I popped out of bed at six this morning, bright eyed and ready to go. I normally don’t get to sleep in on the weekends due to the massage business, so two days of actual sleep was pretty amazing. For the first time in weeks, I’m not exhausted (maybe months)! Despite the emotional drama the past two days provided, my body was extremely thankful for the respite—as well as my house, which is cleaner than it has been since before it belonged to one person (thanks, Mom and Dad)!
Today is the school ‘Halloween’/‘Fall Celebration’ Party at my school, which means wild and crazy kids, lots of parents (not of my kids, of course), and teachers in silly outfits. Most of the time I go all out for this, but as I am skipping Halloween this year and don’t have money, I am wearing ‘cowboy’ clothes that I used to wear in high school. Yee-haw! (Which was one of my nicknames in college, btw—You’d think in cow-town Greeley a Mid-West boy in wranglers and boots wouldn’t have stuck out so much, but he did. Course, a fag in those clothes probably does stick out more than the average Hillbilly. And, no, not wearing the wranglers today. I could diet for ten years and still never be able to fit in those again. Good gracious.
I can feel myself starting to go a place I promised I wouldn’t go, so I am going to stop for today, and hopefully, I will be able to make it through tomorrow without blogging—I’m going to focus on seeing Gavin dressed up as a Dalmatian (his daddy’s outfit from when he was Gavin’s age)—yep, that’s how rich we are—recycling costumes from twenty-one years ago. Woo Hoo! However, he will be the cutest Dalmatian puppy ever (don’t tell his daddy I said that.)

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