Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Everyone has dreams. I know that. Everyone fantasizes about something bigger than themselves. Something special, lasting. Something that reaches beyond our own scope and touches a multitude in a unique way. I know I’m not the only one with those yearnings. Therefore, I also know that I am in no way guaranteed to see those desires come to fruition (I’m beginning not only to accept that ‘beautiful’ fact of life, but expect it). Sure, I do believe that I will get published (sometime), and see to see my book/s on shelves and hopefully provide to others what so many books have provided for me—then again, I believed that Grandma would be healed and that I’d finally found the person to share my life. What do I know?
Knowing such things to the very core me (or not knowing them, I guess) makes my experience last night so much sweeter. So much more magical. You know I don’t use other’s names unless I have permission (or they are my infant nephew), however, I’m going to break that rule for this blog. Those of you who knew me from childhood already know what I’m going to say.
Patrick Alan Casey is my cousin. Our Grandma’s were sisters. In fact, the last time, I saw him was at my grandmas’ funeral, twelve years ago—which is hard to believe as we were so close as kids (and at times nearly enemies—we both were rather dramatic growing up). Most of my childhood memories have Patrick in them, at least where school and birthdays are concerned. We were together through 8th grade in our little class of seven, and then moved onto public high school where our little worlds were rocked. As a little, and I really do mean little, boy, Patrick was considered somewhat of a musical genius. Before I could even tie my shoes, Patrick was putting Beethoven to shame (and even though I have a tendency to elaborate to make a point, I’m not in this case—he really was that good). In addition, he had a beautiful voice (and he was tall, the jerk). Where I sang like a southern country/gospel singer—he always sounded like a pop star. There were those who believed in his talent and knew he would go places, and there were those who scoffed and ridiculed him for it (as I had a mean streak when I was kid, I’m sure I fell into that camp more than once). There is so much more I could say about the boy I grew up with and the man I have seen him become from afar (We got back in contact several years ago through MySpace—actually, he was the whole reason I signed up—hoping to find him). He never stopped working for his dream and sacrificing to touch his stars. Well, very long story short. Last night, I saw got to see the first of his falling stars that he caught. You can buy his single “Leaving California” on iTunes and Amazon. His album is coming out in the next month I believe. It’s phenomenal, and beautiful. It is humbling and thrilling to see the face of the boy I grew up with on an album and hear the voice I would know anywhere (he really does sound like that—he always has [not to mention his piano playing that is so completely him]).
My request is this: Please go to iTunes and purchase his single. You really will love it,at least if your are working properly. And, when you do, please take the time to write a review to post there and on Amazon. Of course, this is all an option, but I would greatly appreciate it. It would be easy to say that his dreams have finally come true, but really, they just sprouted and now need more watering, tilling, and fertilizing than ever, and I want to do all I can to assist their growth. I am so extremely proud and happy for him.
Of course, as in everything, it’s all about me. Always is. Therefore, in my happiness for him, I see myself, or at least, I hope I do. I hope there is day where he can look at Amazon and see his cousin’s name and purchase his novel(s), and think, ‘Wow, we both made it. We’ve both faced so many obstacles—some the same, some very different, but we both made it!” I hope that happens. But, even if it doesn’t, it thrills me to no end that his dreams are forming in front of my eyes. I hope you will enter and take part on this chapter of his journey and play a small role in its fruition. Thank you!

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