Friday, October 02, 2009


I’m not overly superstitious, but I tend to be a big believer in how something beginnings is a good indication of how an experience will go. For instance, as I have stated before, New Year’s Eve is a pretty big deal for me. It doesn’t have to be huge or fancy, but historically, I have noticed that whatever the overall theme of the New Years Eve is, reflects what the overarching theme of the year will be. This NYE, Chad and I made it to San Francisco, which was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on. However, NYE was our only bad evening of the trip—due to the drunk, trashy, animalistic people around us as we tried in vain to watch the fireworks. We got doused in beer, threatened by a gangster, and left seconds into the show because we were so furious. It bugged me a lot that night, causing me to worry about what the year would entail. I shoved it aside, both due to the fact that it is just a stupid superstition of mine, and looking at the side that we were still on a romantic trip to San Fran—so that had to be a good omen right—even if my gut tried to tell me differently. And we all know who this year has turned out, don’t we?

Well, in that theme, the beginning of our trip to Seattle has started off swimmingly. We go to see a drunk girl carted off and handcuffed in the airport. She was very happy about it and was high-fiving the cops and trying to kiss them. You might not think that is a good omen, but trust me—it was fun, and anytime I can get a picture of said drunky high-fiving said cop, well, that’s just icing!

Then, to top it off, I told MS that it would be perfect if we got Lobo, the Frontier wolf plane. If you don’t know why that is a good omen, you haven’t read this blog very much, seen me shirtless, or know me very well. Well, guess which plane we got! Yay!

In addition, since MS is a flight attendant, we just got free TV, free alcohol (however, since I only like birthday cake shots and bleu cheese overly dirty extra cold martinis, I am being boring with simply a Sprite—me boring?), and got the aisle where there is NO SEAT in front of me. My little stubby legs are stretched out as far as they can go! Oh, and I found out, that my entire flight was comped! Yep, round trip to Seattle for free! So, see, I can’t help but think everything on this trip is going to be grand. Even if it isn’t, it is. I am not in Denver, there is nothing close that doesn’t want me and screams of the life I had from every corner. Oh, and I don’t have to go to work tomorrow.

And, guess what. . . I’m breathing. Really breathing. At least for the moment, I CAN BREATHE!!!!!

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