Sunday, October 31, 2010

weather for scarves without umbrellas

What glorious day of eating it has been. Glorious. Just what I needed after last night. Holy Hannah. Turns out, I can give HWMNBN a run for his money, and in all ways save one, I won! I had a ton of fun. I thought I might go out dancing again tonight, but I got it out of my system. For now.
I also purchased most of my friend’s Christmas presents today. At least the ones for the Christmas dinner. Oh, how they make me laugh. I also spent hours, hours, going through children’s books at my favorite toy store in the world. Kid books are amazing. (And expensive.) Gavin is going to have quite the collection. Turns out I am a sucker for the ones with gorgeous pictures, no surprise there, but also for ones that are rather just cute and stupid, even if the story is rather weak. I’d expect more of myself, but I’m fickle and shallow. Why hide it?
While I know I’m eating like a glutton, I don’t feel too horrible about it. I somehow manage to forget how much I walk here and how much my feet hurt. This time, my hotel is farther away due to cost, so the walking has increased exponentially.
I actually came to the coffee shop in mind to blog about some rather deep and heavy things and then continue editing the novels. However, I don’t want to. I want to keep it light. Keep it easy and breezy. (Beautiful. Covergirl.) Instead, I’m going to enjoy my hot chocolate, go through my new Seattle pictures and enjoy breathing.

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