Monday, May 17, 2010


In true form, I pulled a Brandon today. All day I’ve been dreading/needing a two hour massage this afternoon. Needing because of the money. Dreading because I’m rather depressed, very lonely, and kinda raw—the last thing I wanna do is being a dark room for two hours with music playing and my mind going all over the place—or to where we all know it would go.

Anyway, I rushed my workout, walked the dogs quickly, didn’t plan things with people tonight, picked up the house, and got the massage equipment ready. After awhile, I was getting more and more irritated that my client was late. He normally isn’t late, but the later he was, the later it would be when I was finished. Finally, I realized the problem. Today is the 17th. The massage is scheduled for the 27th. Sigh.

As always, I’d like to blog about what I always blog about. However, there is nothing new or deep to say. So just cut and paste and there ya go.

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