Monday, May 31, 2010

entering the next year

I let loose a huge sigh of relief as I woke up this morning and it wasn’t my birthday. I made it through! Not the least bit in part to my beautiful friends and family, who took my wishes to heart and provided a very calm, low-key, non-big-deal birthday.

He remembered and sent me a text that morning. While a long way from taking me to the mountains for two amazing nights for my 30th birthday, at least he remembered and cared enough to acknowledge. Ugh.

I am already filling with excitement and anticipation over summer starting on Thursday and getting to write more—which won’t be able to happen until next week, but still!!!

And, you know what. . . that’s all I gonna write. I am really am trying to make a genuine effort to not continue to blabber on with all I always talk about. And, sometimes, that will mean no words at all—at least on the days I’m strong enough to refrain.

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