Wednesday, April 13, 2011

zombie LESS

I feel like a million bucks right now. I was completely prepared to have to fight with the surgeon this morning. And while I was truly gonna raise a ruckus, I was also prepared to loose the fight.
After taking a look, she said that it looked like I was right. That it would heal, but probably never connect back together, so I’d have a permanent zombie rip in my throat. (Uhm, who tried to tell the surgeon’s head nurse that two weeks ago?) She said that she could simply cut it off, but she didn’t really see the need to do that, as no body would be seeing it. (Uhm, sorry, gay boys can’t have a rip in their throat, that would not be fun tear on impact…) I told her I’d like it removed. She said that I could come back in a couple months when I stopped hurting and she would do it then. After a pause, I said I’d rather just get it over-with, that I’m not in that much pain. After another pause, she said that she’d do it right then and there. I wasn’t expecting that. It’s what I hoped for, but never thoughts she’d go for it. So, after a few needles, scissors, and some stop-bleeding stuff, zombie rip is gone and I can begin healing in earnest.
It is such a load-off to have a doctor listen to me (I know my body, I knew the damned thing wasn’t right) and actually follow through with what I want done to my body and when. I really hate fighting to have to get those thing accomplished. I want this surgeon to take out my tonsils every time! She’s great!
She also bragged on me quite a bit, so I’m gonna brag on myself a bit as well. She said she did the same procedure on a man right after me, but had to remove less on him than she did on me, and that he woke up cussing at her after surgery and has called and emailed and complained about how much pain he in every day since. Still is. I knew my mom had always told me that she worried about stuff because I never complained about pain that should really be hurting me. Maybe I have disease where you can feel pain. However, as I do feel pain, probably not. (That was brilliant.) Who’s a tough little gay, boy? Who is? Me! That’s who!

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Geoffwah said...

Macho, Macho MAN! It cannot be denied: sometimes it's just wonderful being right :)