Friday, May 20, 2011

closing my eyes and. . .

We leapt yesterday. Full force. No holds barred. (No idea what that really means.) Breaking every single rule there is.
Part of me is scared shitless. Most of me is screaming that I’m being stupid and I should know better. However, there’s just this core feeling that it’s gonna be alright. Of course, we know how accurate my gut feelings are.
I’m going for it!


Scott said...

“No holds barred” is a wrestling term basically meaning any way you want to hold on to him is permitted. “Him” being the opponent…wait, we you thinking there was some innuendo here?

I’m really excited for you buddy! Can’t wait to hear more!

Anonymous said...

Closing your eyes and leaping: sounds like the sensations created at the fun house. Hope the landing is smooth and safe and your sense of balance doesn't turn into labyrinthtitus.

Geoffwah said...

Go, buddy, go!

Cheeseburgers and Pajamas said...

Go for it! If you don't, you will never know if it was the right guy. If it isn't, you still tried and that is better than staying hung up on what's his name. Enjoy it for whatever it is.