Monday, May 02, 2011

two deaths

Conquered another step this weekend. A big one. In truth, I think it conquered me.
Went dancing. In Denver. Took all day Sunday to recover. Didn’t get out of bed till three in the afternoon. Not typical Brandon behavior. However, I don’t feel bad about it all. I’ve been so afraid of it for so long. With good reason. It wasn’t easy. I had to stop before getting on the dance for, tears were coming. Just one of those stupid moments where you’re about to take a step into a picture of your old life, and as soon as you cross that threshold, the pieces shatter and your left with the reality of what is now. Wiped the tears and danced harder than I think I’ve ever danced before. At some point, I’ll have to face these places with him actually there, and me staying. However, can’t control that. If it gave any indication of how that night went, I have a inch and a half cut on ass. No idea how or why. Like I said, danced like I’ve never danced before. Typically, I would begrudged a day like Sunday that was not begun until late afternoon. However, between the emotional and physical drain of the night before, it was well warranted. And, dear Colorado Springs friend, thanks so much for joining me on this step—and for taking care of such a hot mess. 

In other news, bin Laden is dead. In pure ‘Show Me State’ fashion, I have a hard time believing it. The timing seems too convenient. But, I come by conspiracy theories all too naturally, so hopefully, I’m wrong. (And yes, I do believe people landed on the moon.) Either way, all the people concerned about him being buried within twenty-four hours due to his religion… [well, even I had to erase what I just wrote.]

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