Wednesday, May 11, 2011


At first I felt kinda bad for Andrew Bynum, the Laker’s player who got a penalty for $25K for taking his shirt of on the court and has to sit out five games next year for a foul —consequently making him loose $700K. (Take note: I’m talking about sports—you know that thing will dumb, incomprehensible rules and balls, and not the fun kind.) That’s a lot to loose, especially for simply for giving some sex appeal to stupid sports and elbowing someone in the ribs. Poor guy. Then, after my brain realized this was sort of a math problem, I figured out, if you (700,000 - 25,000)/5=X (before the staggering amount of taxes he must be paying) you see how much he makes per game. Don’t feel sorry for that chiseled-chest elbow shover. Baffling.
Of course, it’s equaling as baffling that my student’s bill (the boy that was hospitalized for two weeks [the one they made worse, not better upon discharge]) was $40K. Holy crap! Our medical system is so fucked up. So is ObamaCare, but OMG!
Speaking of Obama, he is saving me $160 a month, or should be if the pre-approval is correct. I got a call from my bank that said I qualified for some program Obama is doing that ends in a couple weeks. My folks who are going through short-sales and forecloses don’t (makes sense), but I do (thankfully). I had to pay $400. Which means the energy bill is probably not getting paid this month, but whatever. So, spend money to save money. I had this fantasy after I got the call that my $1400 a month mortgage would go down to 500 or 600. I could quit my second job, just teach and write. Mom told me I was dreaming (sweetly). She was right. However, it pointed out my childish delusions that I hold on to. Some miracle that will come along and make everything better—Obama gifts, the lotto, getting discovered singing at the pump, picked up by a plus-sized modeling agency, a stellar book deal. The money saved doesn’t help with my second job or writing or anything of the sort, but I can soon quit putting my student loans into forbearance and being paying them (so I’m grateful for that). At this rate, my $17K loans will dissipate in mere moments. So, while I still don’t like you all the much, Obama, I do have to think you for three things: helping end DADT, not supporting DOMA, and for $160 a month. Oh, make that four—if reports are to be believed, thanks for also giving the okay to kill a demon.

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