Monday, May 09, 2011


A little over three weeks left. Three! Crazy. As normal, I am sooooo excited. Nervous too, as normal, as it means beginning installment number two on the series. I never wanted to do a series, at least not really. It’s intimidating enough to begin a novel and wonder how your characters are going to fill the pages. How much more so to think of filling several books. Anxious to see how it goes.
Despite this being the best teaching year I’ve had so far—more successes, less drama, finally feeling like I have an idea of what it means to be a teacher, not running to the bathroom to cry over HWMNBN—I don’t remember every being quite so exhausted before. The first few days I really think I’m going to just sleep and try to heal. We all know that won’t happen, but it’s nice to think about, kinda. Either way, with the exception of having to do massage, I get to pretend to live my dream life for a couple months. At least professionally and creatively. How great is that?
Ya know, there were several things I struggled with this weekend, and actually ended in tears on more than one occasion (we all know why), but I’m feeling pretty good today. Hopeful about the summer, about the books, and someday getting my waist back. I should probably just stop while I’m ahead, huh?

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