Tuesday, June 01, 2010

winner, winner, chicken dinner

Today, on the second to last day of school, I am nearly in a state of elation. Summer, summer, summer!!!
Honestly, I will get little of what I want/need to do this summer accomplished. I already have every weekend but one filled up and there are many things that are taking up the rest of the time, some fun—many not so much. Either way, summer! My original thoughts were to get the second installment of the Men of Myth series written. Those plans have now changed to finish the first installment and trying to find and agent. As busy as this summer is looking, I will be lucky if I even get those done.
On a more global (or national) level, there have been a few things going on with the GLBT community. Both seemingly steps in a forward direction. The repeal of DADT and a Gay month (?). The Republican side of me cringes just a bit at how the DADT was repealed. I have a problem with a president or government making a decision of such magnitude without the public’s overwhelming support. However, the bigger part of me is thrilled (mostly). It shouldn’t be public opinion that determines if our nation is discriminatory, racists, sexist, or inequitable to any group of people—so, in this case, the government did its job. Of course, that’s easy for me to say since I am in the group on the receiving end. However, the government is only doing part of its job. It is telling me that I can now die for my country, but still have to remain a second class citizen. Yes, you can get shot for us, but don’t tell us you wanna get married to the man you love. (Don’t worry, country, you can go ahead and give me that right—he don’t wanna marry me nohow. ) The selfish and more newly unpatriotic part of me was saddened by the DADT policy. I already had my big gay show planned if I ever got drafted! LOL! Damnit!
The other newsy thing I read about was Obama issuing a gay history month sort of deal. I read the article about it, and honestly wasn’t so sure if it was a joke or for real—however the responses from people sure seemed like they were taking it as fact. Personally, and I am sure this is counter what most of my demi-species would argue, I think it is counter-effective to have a gay month. Yes, there are good things that can come from it. It can highlight important gay figures of our society (our being American—not gay) that most would never learn about—much as the African-American month has highlighted the contributors of their race/society. It would mean a greater focus on us, showing the struggle and hopefully encouraging people to want to change things. However, it is the last thing I want. I don’t think all these stupid months are productive to a group of people. Black history month hasn’t made Blacks equal—just highlighted how they aren’t equal, that they can’t stand on their own and have to have their own special day just to be remembered and not overlooked. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be equal. And, maybe I haven’t thought all the way through this and one day I will fully back this notion of a gay history month—but I will have to be thoroughly convinced. To be equal, you have to be treated the same as the majority, not less or special. Most special treatment is due to a person being lesser—not actually special. I really see this as a bone thrown to the LGBT community. Give them some acknowledgement without giving them the equality they really want—throw enough scraps on the floor and the dog will never realize he’s not getting the steak everyone else is eating above him.
I don’t want to have special status. I simply want to be the same and equal with you and have the same rights and freedoms. Nothing less, and nothing more (which simply equals less).

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