Saturday, September 12, 2009

coffee beans roasting on an open fire, sinuses plugging up your nose, heart-broke ramblings being vomited on a blog, and romance dying like a rose

The pain behind my right eye is throbbing and the snot building up in my sinus cavity is threatening to shoot the eyeball out of the socket and make a three point shot into the potted plant across the room. Yep, the joys of allergies has taken a turn for the dramatic the past day or two. Come on frost! (Then warm back up and be summer again.)

Fall was definitely in the air today. I hate the sun going down earlier, however, I always (usually) love this time of year. I start to think about Christmas and putting up the tree, which always (usually) makes me about the happiest person in the world. Right now, I have serious reservations about putting up the tree at all. Bah humbug!

My last bit of news for the week. . . a coffee pot came to live at Brandon’s house today. It’s so pretty and black and stainless steeley. It’s great. I opened up the bag of coffee beans that I have to grind and took a big wonderful whiff. I hate that I am old enough to love that smell. The coffee maker will loose it’s virginity come Tuesday. Monday is still gonna be a Starbucks day (I really do miss Caribou—it can just join the list of the things I miss—Bah humbug!).


aaronash said...

On a happier note, this is the first time I can remember you using a sport simile in your blog.

Brandon said...

I was so confused I had to go back and look at what I wrote! I think I may have to chop off my fingers, as they betrayed me when I wasn't looking!