Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Day of Rest

Sunday’s with Chad became my favorite day of the week—despite starting work the next day. Sundays were our grocery-shopping day. Ninety percent of the time, we’d make dinner at home, curl up on the couch with the TV (especially when it was an all-day marathon of ANTM) or a movie, and fall asleep to Iron Chef. As they were pretty tame and boring, they were probably his least favorite—but for me, they were more than I had ever truly dreamed about (at least more than what I thought it was possible to have).

I don’t say this to drive home that today is Sunday and I don’t have that any longer—that I don’t have him. It just is what it is, and Sundays are now different. Typically they are family days now. However, we got to have Gavin yesterday (yes that is the reality of our lives now), so family day was yesterday.

I woke up this morning after sleeping for eleven hours. I still feel like crap, but much, much better crap than before. I am tempted to go into detail of what entails bad crap and good crap, but I won’t. I stayed quite busy today (sadly no massages—which is bad as my paycheck is gone now and there are still bills and it all comes down to what I can or can’t make in massage for the rest of the month—unless people go into overtime clicking the ads at the top of the blog—and as they were advertising stuff for sinuses earlier today, I doubt that will happen). I was with friends and got to be with my bff for a few hours today, which was great. We went to the mall (not to shop for me!), where I preceded to knock a bunch of stuff off the shelf in an upscale boutique as I tried to check the price of their American Crew hair crap I use. (They were a dollar more expensive there. Fancy, unstable displays must be expensive.) Next we went to an exclusive shaving store for him to get some stuff. I promptly begin talking to the pretty assistant girls about ANTM, gossiping over which girls we thought were crazy or a bitch. As I walked out of the store, I was still fagging out, my head craned over my shoulder, and I slammed into the glass wall of the shop (which made a huge crash and shook tremulously). It’s amazing KE takes me anywhere with him.

I will soon return home and watch the pilot of “The Vampire Diaries” and then cuddle with the dogs and fall asleep watching Iron Chef.

I am wanting to get my brother a small little video camera (we’ll see if I can get more massages this week—his birthday is on Wednesday—so I doubt I can pull it off). There need to be videos of Gavin. He is truly the cutest baby I have ever seen. He is a month and a half old (so we know that he isn’t actually talking) but he has started mimicking what we say. He now says ‘Hi’ quite clearly and frequently. We have videos on the cell phone, but that’s just not good enough. And, bath time yesterday was one the best moments of my life. (Gavin’s bath time, not mine. Mine tend to be more boring as of late.)

Speaking of my brother, he was taping us talking yesterday while Mom and Dad and I prepared dinner. As I have stated, my allergies are not so happy with me at the moment. He made this montage of me blowing my nose. I had never heard myself blowing my nose. It was horrible. I blow my nose all the time. No wonder Chad left. I can’t believe he stayed so long with such atrocious sounds coming from the man he slept with.

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