Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Tuesday that dressed like a Monday

I am on a date. On a Tuesday! At Racines. I’ve been so desperately wanting a salad since the middle of Out Door Lab (don’t worry, it’s covered with deep fried goat cheese), and my tummy is about to satiated. The sun will soon be setting and the romancing hour will begin. As I am sure you realize since I am blogging during this date, the date is with myself. And while I do typically enjoy an audience, I don’t really think too much romance is going to occur during dinner—not that I’m not in love with my computer. Speaking of love, as I drove home tonight, I passed the Starbucks that eats so much of my money every morning. I glanced at it and thought, ‘I love you.’ The thought was filled with so much passion and relish that it actually made me do a double take. Did I really mean that? Do I really LOVE Starbucks? The answer came back an unabashedly reverent YES! As long as I make a little cash offering every morning, Starbucks will love me back, make me feel warm and full, contented and cared for. It won’t love me for two years and then leave me for self-discovery or something. True, I will soon be purchasing a coffee maker of my own so that I can stop the cash hemorrhage, but it is love nonetheless.

Today was the first day back after Out Door Lab. I was less prepared for school today than I was the very first day of school. I felt like I hadn’t taught in years. Of course, this sensation wasn’t helped by the fact that my principal saw me in the office about five minutes before school started and asked if I was ready for the meeting with my new student. To which I replied with a very professional, ‘Huh?’ Turns out I had received an email discussing said student while I was up in the mountains. I found the will to blog while I was there but not to check my work or personal email. Hence the return to school with the free-student-with-purchase gift. How I love being prepared.

And speaking of school, I watched Mr. Obama’s speech with some of my kids today (granted, I did run to the bathroom, so I missed about three minutes of it, but whatever). Let me say this. I have decided that I truly don’t like or trust our president and that he scares me—however, this is not a new feeling for me about presidents. And I hear the ‘lesson plans’ were fairly blatant in their inappropriateness—however, none of us at our school ever even saw these lesson plans. And, I will admit that every second of the speech seemed self-serving and I agree it’s a brilliant political move that could affect young voters for the 2012 election. However, outside of being dreadfully dull and cliché, I don’t really understand the big uproar. He’s not the first president to address schools and students in this manner, and nothing he said this time could in any way be construed as negative. If someone wants to give me a legitimate, concrete example of how this was a negative speech, I would interested in hearing it, as I just can’t see it (other than the self-serving aspect previously mentioned, but I hardly think that is a new political tactic or one that Obama came up with himself). I think it would serve those that have reason to fear Obama to throw hissyfits at more opportune times before everyone believes they are just ‘crying wolf’ again. And speaking of crying wolf, is anyone else as ridiculously excited to see the movie 2012 as I am? Oh, I just realized that coincides with the election. Hmmmmmm…

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