Thursday, September 03, 2009

sipping from the same spoon

OutDoor Lab: Day Four: Part Two

Another rousing even more inappropriate Spoons game, Teacher Edition, is now over. So much fun, even with all the sniffing, blowing of noses, and screaming. Well, the screaming was the fun part. Who knew a week in a haunted house with a bunch of crazy teachers could be such a vacation. One that I need to sleep for three days and diet for a month to recover from, but whatever.

As fun as parts of this week have been, I am so ready to be home, eat real food, workout, be with the puppies, and sleep in my own bed. In spite of not having what I wish I were coming home to, I am still happy to come home. (Don’t hurt yourself as you fall out of your chair, Brandon actually said something about being happy.)

It is so funny to be on the other side of the classroom. I never imagined my teachers outside of their classroom. Now, to see teachers act like real humans (often crazy and risqué humans) is still mind-boggling. Not to mention Gay teachers—OMG. However, looking back, I can’t help but wish I would have asked about some of my teachers. During my sophomore year, my Biology teacher cried about half of the classes. I thought she was crazy, really. However, now that I have spent many days of my teaching career in tears and running to the bathroom, I wonder what she was going through, what heartbreak she was forcing herself to continue living her life and come to work through. It’s crazy how we are all so alone in our agony and yet so many of us go through similar heartache.

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