Thursday, January 14, 2010


I just learned of something last night, and I would ask all of you to please pray—even those of you who don’t.

Paul C., who is a missionary for the Church of God Holiness (I have known him and his family since I can remember—his son is a dear friend of mine) was in Haiti when the earthquake arrived. His wife and family have yet to hear from him, or those in his party.
I will not give my own thoughts and concerns and hopes in this matter—they are not for me to say; however, knowing the entire country is in pain, my thoughts are with the one person I know and his family. Please, pray for Paul. Pray for his family.
Those of you who know him I know I already praying, but for those of you who only know me, please pray. For those of you whose faith is stronger than mine, tie my prayers with yours. For those of you whose faith is less or non-existent, pray for a good man and beautiful family—as well as those who are hurting that we don’t know.
Thank you.

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dwain said...

Thank you, Brandon.