Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday in the Suburbs

After a fairly wonderful date, I am finally feeling somewhat sane again. I tell ya what, I really picked a bad week to stop taking the depression meds, and I am for sure feeling their absence. Not overly depressed or anything, I can just tell a difference. (Great planning on coming off meds right in time for what would have been our anniversary this Friday (thank God for PCS&LDR-L who are coming over.) Apparently they helped some of my obsessive thoughts too, which I guess makes sense. Anyway, hopefully, this week will go better. After the hell of work last week, and then over thinking things with the date I had tonight, it will be a nice break to be sane once more.

During a discussion with my bff on Friday, I realized there was something I needed to tell [the man I’m dating], and ever since then I’ve had this dread in the pit of my stomach, and even had some trouble sleeping. However, after sitting him down and talking to him, he just shrugged and said that it was no big deal. I may never be the Brandon I was, but I guess the over thinking and obsessing thing is just too much of a part of me to kill.

Just a quick date note: is this not one of the cutest things ever? So, I go to Parker, and he lets me in his house. I am all dressed up (not suit dressed up, but looking good), and he is in his old sweats and a t-shirt. Which would never bother me, but he is so type-A, I was somewhat confused. I didn’t say anything about it. He took me over to the stove where he was making what turned out to be amazing hot chocolate. Then he pointed to a gift bag and told me that he had gotten me something. Inside was a brand new set of pajamas and socks (in Brandon colors). He announced we were going to have Sunday lounge around day in Parker. I went and got in my new clothes and we had hot chocolate, lay in bed and watched ‘Waitress’ and then he made Brunch for dinner—in keeping with the theme. With all the over thinking I have been doing past couple days, I had almost convinced myself I shouldn’t be dating anyone. However, the date was beyond adorable and rather perfect. Even if he moves in a few months (which of course, I hope he deosn’t), it is so healing to be spend time and date someone who is so sweet and genuinely kind and good. Talk about being spoiled rotten.

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