Sunday, December 26, 2010

after the sparkling shredded paper

Yesterday was nearly perfect. There was about thirty minutes when it hit me again out of the blue of HWMNBN and his new ‘love’ and their first Christmas together and that we’d not have our Christmas later that night, like we used to. I was able to get a hold myself, not cry, and simply focus on Gavin. As ever, he is the best medicine for anything. I am soooo crazy for that kid. He truly made the day wonderful. He didn’t love opening presents as much as he did his first year, which was strange, but he is so dang cute. He has just entered this stage where he comes and grabs one of your fingers and drags you wherever he wants to go, points or acts out whatever it is he is wanting to do, babbling the entire time. I’ve always said pets are to be spoiled, not children. I was wrong. Very, very wrong. He’s going to be the cutest, most spoiled brat in the entire world. I’m so proud. I take full ownership for when he is rotten. Luckily, I’m trained to deal with spoiled brats, so I can undue what I’m doing now…..
I am very excited for tonight. I get to take down the Christmas tree! I am as excited to take it down as I tried to pretend I was to put it up. No more reminders of what isn’t. Right…
I just got my second favorite spot at the coffee shop, so now I can finished up the photo album for the year. Back to writing tomorrow!
I hope you all had a Christmas filled with people you love as much as mine.

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