Monday, December 06, 2010

playing doctor with a Jewish Barbie

After another weekend with Strep (I called off work Friday after feeling like I was going to die Thursday), my doctor is finally letting me contact the surgery department to request having my tonsils taken out! It probably makes me crazy to be excited about this, but I have been fighting for this surgery for nearly a decade with no luck. There is not guarantee that it will fix all the problems I have with strep and getting sick so much, but most people I talk to say that it really helped them. However, from everything I hear, the surgery (recovery time) for an adult is supposed to be horrible. If it works, it will sooooo be worth it!
I had a second date last night. It went really well. I used a gift certificate I had received last Christmas and had never been able to get in with reservations. Even after the certificate, it was an $80 meal. Most of the time, I would be furious about such an extravagance. If the meal is over $15 bucks a person, I tend to be a little pissy. This meal was $38 a plate. However, the meal was perfect. Truly. One of the best meals I’ve ever had. It was like something I’ve seen on Top Chef or when Food Network takes me to fancy places I assume I’ll never go. All that said, if you’re in Denver and want to spend a small fortune on an exquisite meal, go to Colt & Gray. Get the Lamb Shank. O. M. G. Seriously. Go on a cold night. The fireplace was awesome. Very romantic and mountain lodge chic. While I have no idea where this could go, if anywhere, this man has the most potential of anyone I’ve met since HWMNBN. If it does go anywhere, it will be a long time I’m thinking. Both of us have our walls up pretty high in the relationship department. Although being with him is definitely triggering a shitload of HWMNBN issues, it’s really nice. On a strange note, most guys I’m with, even the really tall ones (HWMNBN was 6-2) I typically feel like the bigger one, although not taller. This guy is 6-2 as well, but massive. I feel like a little kid with him. A feeling I don’t really like, although I enjoy the other aspects of the situation.
Since the antibiotics make me non-contagious, I worked my ass off this weekend with massage. As every December, my bills get put on hold and Christmas gifts ensue (totally immature and irresponsible, and totally wonderful). Very few things make me as happy as Christmas shopping for my friends. Well, one thing, Christmas shopping for Gavin. Oh my goodness. And it’s gonna get more and more fun. I almost bought him this huge train set yesterday. Then realized that he’s not even two yet and might want to pick out such a thing for himself and look forward to such things later. Still, baby toys are a blast too. I also got to shop for PCRL’s girls. I love girl shopping. I almost bought three Barbies yesterday. For myself. A new Ariel one, a Barbie mermaids, and this red head classic all in black Babrbie—the kind of girl I tell myself I’d be if I were a girl. When we all know I’d be Rosie O’Donnell. Okay, before the keyboard burst into flames from all the flamyness going on, I should stop.
Happy Hanukah. I’m excited about Hanukah this year. Namely because of all the savings going on at Starbucks. At least I think it’s for Hanukah. Hmmm…. Either way, Happy Hanukah!!!


Anonymous said...

BIG YAY for the second date! Keeping my fingers crossed for you, Brandon! Take it slow, don't rush...just have fun with it. I'm serious about that. I think, and I realize my opinions are trite, that part of letting go of cherished-and-viscous memories is learning the joys of new fun again...the proverbial sled ride down the snowy hillside. Go for it!

Geoffwah said...

I gotta say...I admit to playing with my sister's Barbies as a kid. She hated them. Mom would always catch me prancing the dolls around and my sister, completely disinterested, playing with other toys. When asked for an explanation I told her I was "playing butler". What does that even mean?