Thursday, December 09, 2010

right here right now

What a week it has been. So long. Police, co-worker drama, massages, meetings, sick fish, a third date (which was super low-key and super nice last night. One area I’d started to be concerned about what that I wasn’t laughing very much. Humor is one of the biggest things I look for. He had me rolling on the floor last night, so that was fun!), preparing for Christmas meals, on and on and on. I’m tired. With the exception of a couple of those things on the list, and a couple I didn’t put on, I’m actually enjoying the moment. Kinda nice. Take it where you can get it.
Actually, I’m not gonna go where I was headed next. Let’s stop with the positive. Good place to stay.
That’s my Christmas present to you: no whining and crying for you today! Enjoy.

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