Saturday, December 11, 2010

party season

The Christmas season has officially started. I had a Christmas dinner last night (which was wonderful with PCSDR-L) and another tonight, and then it doesn’t quit until July. Well, so it seems.
I have done so many massages this week and have so many more to do that I finally have a moment, so I flew to the coffee shop, and I had just enough money for one drink. I love being here. It almost feels more like home than being at home sometimes. My goal is to spend a ton of time here over Christmas break and finish both of the books. I’ve put them off long enough and the longer I let them sit the more afraid of them I get.
I was so looking forward to blogging today, but I honesty am not in the place to be positive and happy, at least not if I start blogging right now, and I really need to keep the mood up to not turn into Eyore at my dear friend’s party tonight.
Therefore, today has turned into picture working time. Which, almost always makes me happy.
Merry Early Christmas!

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