Wednesday, February 09, 2011


I knew I’ve been somewhat book obsessed lately. I’m not even going to try to count the hours I’ve spent on the books—none of which has actually been writing. I skipped movies, going fun places, at times, loosing sleep, adjusting what I eat (I know!), so that I can devote more time to fighting for publication. Last night demonstrated it more than anything thus far. By the time I’d finished a massage then over four hours of my latest attempt, I was way late for bed, but…here’s the kicker…I missed Glee! Not only missed it, but didn’t even think about it. Had no idea it was on, that it was Tuesday, that there were gorgeous songs being sung while I was close to tears of frustration. Tonight, I am taking the time to watch Glee!
Last nights project is here:
Please check it out. You don’t have to donate to it, but the more clicks, the more popular it will seem, and you get to see me make a fool of myself on video. A video that turned out with my voice and lips somehow not being synchronized perfectly. You might feel like you’re watching King Kong, only with a Bear, not a Gorilla.
I continue to shock myself. I am constantly doing things I never would have dreamed of or considered before. One of which is definitely this project. I am attempting to raise a minimum of $24,500 in a little over a month. Such numbers are baffling to me. It would be like winning the lottery, and probably just as likely. This coming from the boy couldn’t/wouldn’t/can’t ask someone to move their arm over onto their side when they’re crowding me at a movie. Now I’m asking for 24K? Who am I? Desperate, I suppose. However, I also feel like I simply believe in my book that much. Delusional? Maybe. Guess I’ll find out. And, no, the 24K isn’t so that I can get a massage every day for next couple years…hmm…. Wonder how many massages that would be. Hold on a second. 400 exactly! If I didn’t tip. That sounds nice. But, no. It is get an ad in Out. In their Hot List issue this summer. Their most popular issue. The 24K will get a half page ad. 35K will get a full page ad. (For one ad! Isn’t that crazy!) As in everything else from love to books—might as well reach for the stars if you’re gonna reach at all.
I know the chances are slim, to say the least. But, as ever, I have to try. I guess if nothing else, the project will expose a few more people to the books, which isn’t bad.
And, if nothing else, at least I’m proving to myself that somewhere inside, part of me is still capable of believing in the impossible and miraculous. That’s rather surprising.


Stacey said...

Hey Brandon! Wow this is quite a project. I am sending good vibs your way (and a small donation). You are the hardest working man in show business :)

Brandon said...

Wow!!! That is so sweet! Thank you, Stacey!

Scott said...

So THAT's what you sound like....huh.


Brandon said...

Scott, LOL. That's what I sound like with a 'huh.' That's not a good sign...

Scott said...

Well, I did think of going with "meh", "sheez", and of course the Scooby-Doo reaction of "zoinks". :-)