Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It was really fun (not the right word) to feel supported yesterday with the facebook pages. Thank you to all of you that took the time to ‘like’ them. Each one met the minimum goal of 25 people, which allowed me to pick a web address, and put in some other details that I will do shortly. Of course, now, I will just wait and see if they can get enough ‘likes’ over time to get some attention. Either way, I’m very grateful for yesterday. At least, no matter how this ends up, I can say I’m trying everything I can possibly think of. Yesterday was also the first day that someone I didn’t know bought a book (through a recommendation of a sweet mutual friend), so that was also encouraging. I’ve not gotten any feedback from someone who doesn’t know me, so that will be very helpful. People are too nice when they know you, and/or they aren’t able to take your work seriously on its own merit because they are trying to figure out what is simply made up and what I stole from my own life. My friend that recommended me to his friend contacted me and ‘apologized’ for pimping me out. Please, PLEASE, any of you, pimp me out to whoever you want for as long or as much as you want.
I actually had some social commentary today, some things about the stupid pirates, the even more stupid radical Islam moron and their supporters, the unions (this entire union thing affects teachers in a huge way—but I’m kinda on the fence), Donald Trump talking about potentially running for president. All sorts of things. However, if I’m not talking about the books, it seems I think I need to talk about HWMNBN and whatever is going on in my psyche. I don’t have it in me to do that today, nor, it seems to discuss the variety of blogging issues listed above.
Therefore, have a great Wednesday!!!

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