Thursday, February 03, 2011

say cheese

Two days of snow days. Two days we have to make up. (Love how my district has no idea that we live in Colorado…) I woke up an hour late this morning, after staying up past one last night finishing fixing The Shattered Door to hopefully get it back on line by tonight. I almost didn’t take a shower, and I haven’t shaved since Saturday, I threw on some old clothes that were the closest, didn’t even put on a belt. I look like shit. Dysfunctional shit. Guess who has class pictures and staff pictures today. Wonderful.
The days off were in perfect timing with what I needed. I spent nearly every minute fixing Shattered, however, whether timing or based out of some other happenstance, I was crazy depressed. No, I didn’t stay home alone the two days. Hardly was home at all. However, my dreams of him were more vivid than typical. Crazy real. Not helpful.
It says a lot that I’m excited to be back at work, even when I have to face a mother saying I’m choking children…

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