Sunday, February 06, 2011


The snow outside is gorgeous today! Gorgeous! And thanks to my new tires, I’m not terrified of it! However, it is going to keep the dogs from getting a walk. I vaguely remember being a good daddy.
I’ve gotten lots of comments-not simply from the blog-about yesterday’s post. Comments that confirm that I should change my books to where they are no longer gaycentric (new word—write it down).
Whether it means I’m a fool or just a stubborn ass who is too full of his own pride and self-worth/importance, I refuse to even consider it any longer. I think my writing has value and is good the way it is. Consequences be damned? The final straw was on a new website a friend told me about, One of the readers commented that he liked my writing style, but that he doesn’t like gay-themed books. Well, thanks for the backhanded compliment. You know, I can’t stand hearing about straight sex. Truly. Absolutely turns my stomach, but the vast majority of books I read, and listen to, are full of it. I don’t enjoy those aspects, but I continue to read them because I love the characters and the stories, and it is a part of those characters. I’d like the same respect.

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Reid said...

Well if you do still decide to change the gender ... When you do become a famous writer you can tell everyone in an interview that ALL of your stories represented gay relationships ... I love your determination to do your own thing though. You just have to be honest with what your priority is. If you want to sell books then it needs to fit what will sell the most. If you want to be a gay niche writer you have to be ready to accept what sort of sales those will produce... Both are ok really :) but you cannot 'force' the market to obey it demands what it demands.