Thursday, February 10, 2011

Grandiose Delusions

A blog reader donated $50 to the Submerging Inferno ad project yesterday. I’m almost there! $24,450 to go! I kinda expected to have the month pass and not have any donations, so it was a real kick to see that yesterday.
I’ve been surrounded, even more than normal, by completely delusional people at work lately. Not kids, adults. 98% not employees of the school but still part of my kids’ lives. I look at them and wonder how someone can get their perspective so completely out of whack, so far away from reality. Then I look at other people who are trying to make it big as singers or models who have as much chance as a seagull or a toad. Harsh? Yeah, but true. However, they really believe they have a real shot if they can just get a break.
Those people look around at the world and think it is everyone else who is messed up, who can’t see the truth of what they believe.
The scariest part of all this to me is that. What if I’m one of those people? What if it is clear to most everyone else, but I have the true delusion that I can pull this off, see it through. Of course, there are those people who have delusions of greatness and somehow convince the world of it as well—we all know them, actors who can’t act, singers who can’t sign, writers who can’t write, but everyone believes they can.
Where is the line of believing in yourself and doing all you can to do your part to work hard for your goals and being completely self-indulgent and off your rocker?


Anonymous said...

you had the same day I had... Hang in there. This is a huge undertaking but it can be done. Nothing worth achieving is ever easy. I really hate when people tell me that but I know it is true. Stay focused on your goals and your talent. If you don't no one will do it for you. Stay strong and keep fighting!

Avenjer said...

Hmmm, I don't know about delusional but, maybe a bit lofty in such a short time. That's a lot of money for anyone to come up with fast. But I hope it works out. Have you tried just directly contacting the magazine's book reviewer? Sometimes it works to just be direct. And you wouldn't need the ad if the book reviewer is interested in covering it. I would also check blogger or tublr for blogs on gay literature. That would be the audience who would be most interested in your books I would think. And maybe gay fantasy/sci-fi blogs. Just letting them know your book is out there and what it's about, etc. To create interest, sales or find more backers. But also, someone (I'm not going to mention who) is looking mighty cute in his book video. Now, it's not always fun but, in the art circles that I travel in, being cute can really help. And there is no shame in using it as a tool to get your project noticed. So maybe send them the vid link too. You got to use every trick in the book sometimes B. Just don't become a total whore, lol ;) Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Does it matter whether you are one of those people? If you pursue what makes you happy the struggle is only part of it. The joy is there. Remember even some who are great don't make it. Sad but true.
The bad part would be if you never tried. Or worse discarded your joys without acknowledgement. Aren't you getting something out of the effort?
I think you forget to reward yourself. And rewarding yourself is important. How are you rewarding yourself?

Your new friend: Dth2xoochy.
Look and you will figure it out.