Thursday, February 24, 2011


This will be one of those blogs where the lack of detail will serve only to provide a clearer picture—that, and any more detail would get me kicked off of blogger.
I spent the entire night rushing to the restroom. Finally, I’d wash my hands, reach for the door handle (yes, I live alone and still shut and lock the door), and then realize I had to start all over again. It’s been like this for a couple days, but last night was the worst, and this morning seems to be a continuation. Yay! And, by this point, ouch.
How’s that for TMI—such great writing and insight, huh? Buy my books!
I also had a mild milestone yesterday evening. It was the first season premier of America’s Next Top Model in which I didn’t get weepy. Yay for progress!
With all the teacher’s (and other) Union stuff going on, and with Civil Unions being passed in Hawaii (gorgeous and unbigoted!), my thoughts turn to Donald Trump. I heard a bit with him the other day. It seems he is/was/maybe considering running for president. No matter what his stances are, I’m not sure I could vote for anyone with that hair. There are actually many things I like about the idea of him being president. I can’t believe I’m saying that either. It seems he has enough financial sense to help our country begin to pull out of this mess we are in. I also like he view on our enemies. When asked what he would do with all these pirates, he simply said he would blow them out of the water. About fucking time! If we’d quit being such politically correct pansies, we’d quit being the doormats we are becoming. However, he doesn’t support Gay marriage. To me, the height of hypocrisy. How many affairs and divorces and marriages has this guy had? Really? If you value the whole sanctity of marriage and its historical, traditional institution to the point you deny/discriminate others of partaking, at the very least, you better be able to show it in your own life. Once again, both sides of my political views are never housed in the same person.
As you meditate in the restroom today, please keep me in your thoughts. 

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Anonymous said...

RE: It seems he has enough financial sense to help our country begin to pull out of this mess we are in.

I disagree --- He has filed for so at least two bankruptcies through his businesses, discarding 900 Million in debt along the way. It is hard to swallow that he has good financial sense.

Ahhh the rich --- they get to make catastrophic mistakes multiple times and all is forgiven in the snap of a finger. Who cares how many people he hurt.

Moreover, he gets to call people losers and fire them on National TV. Oh joy -- because filing bankruptcy multiple times isn't a loser thing to do. No not at all.

Can anyone say "BailOut?"

And the hair -- my god the hair!