Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Monday was Facebook day. I spent more time on Facebook than I ever have before. However, for the first time, I felt extremely productive while on Facebook. I created two ads, one for each book, that will show up on the right side of the page on any gay boy’s account (I don’t remember if I chose just in America or everywhere…) who has reading as an interest. The ads are pay-per-click, and I could be charged up to $1.60 per click! I set my max at $5 a day. Still, that’s ten a day altogether. That’s a lot. (It wanted me to do $50 a day!) If I don’t see any profit from it in the next couple weeks, I’ll remove them. Remember how I said I was going to do anything and everything I can think of to drum up some notice? I wasn’t kidding.
I also created a page for myself, as author, a page for Submerging Inferno, and one for The Shattered Door. They’re kinda like public pages—the same ones that TV shows, real authors, and Britney Spears have. The pages where you hit Like. So, if you have a Facebook account, I would greatly appreciate it if you would take the time to look up those three pages and hit like. The more likes a page gets, the more exposure—kinda like the reviews of the novels on Amazon (although, those are MUCH more important). All these things seem rather small and desperate, but I’m hoping one thing (or a combo of all of them) will pay off. Anyway, thank you in advance for taking the time.
If nothing else, each of these endeavors gives me a little hope, no matter how far-fetched—like kickstart, and helps me feel like I am doing everything in my power and control to work for that publishing deal.
On a side note, I used a gift certificate yesterday and saw ‘I Am Number Four.’ I’ve been excited about it for awhile. However, the reviews it is getting are horrible. I loved it! There were a few special effect weaknesses, but it was a really fun movie. Made me want to read the book! Consider yourself recommended.

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